Our Map to Mutuality: Transforming how you think about insurance.

At Mutual Aid Agency, our goal is simple: We are committed to working together to do good.

We stand ready to lend a hand, promote stewardship, share resources, and serve as a channel for mutual aid in times of crisis. Our hope is that this approach will transform how our clients and partners think about insurance-as more than a need, but as a unit where we truly work together to care for…

Staff Spotlight: Kim Rutter

You know that MAA is an insurance agency rooted in Church of the Brethren values and dedicated to mutuality and service, but what do you know about the folks behind the brand? Allow us to introduce our team members who work  to protect your peace of mind, and offer a peek inside our agency’s collective…

Looking Ahead

Glancing in the rearview as we journey forward together

This past January, there was no way anyone could foresee what was emerging on the horizon. The turn was sudden, sharp, and a total blur. But it’s true that difficult events can bring about the best in others: 2020 has shown how remarkably adaptable and resilient folks can be.

Like so many others, the insurance industry immediately…

Expressing Joy in Advent

Advent is a season of anticipation. We count down the days with happy expectations, waiting to celebrate with friends and family to carry out old traditions and embrace new ones, to sing a Christmas hymn, and—above all else—to welcome the birth of the infant Jesus, God’s own son, into our weary world.

It’s to be a time of joy, resting quietly in the promise of Emmanuel.

For so many…


Practicing Gratitude in Seasons of Uncertainty

Little about 2020 has gone as expected. We’ve altered plans, adjusted to new protocols, and felt uncertain about the future. We’ve experienced disappointment and loss—weddings cancelled, jobs lost, and even the passing of loved ones. It’s been a challenging year.

But throughout this period of unrest, God has been faithful, as God always…

Let's Get Personal About Insurance

MAA offers both protection and the possibility of being part of something more.

At Mutual Aid Agency, our mission is to do good. We believe that the world can sometimes feel full of problems, but that we can make a real, positive difference when we work and serve together.

One person can’t do it all, but collectively, we can make the world a better place.


A few things you need to know about church insurance

An interview with Ron Wedel:

Unless you're a pastor, church administrator, or ministerial leader, you've probably never thought about church insurance—you may not even know it existed. And yet, church insurance is quietly present in many of our lives, protecting our places of worship.

With that in mind, we thought we'd take a moment to sit down (virtually) with MAA's church insurance…

To Pastors Everywhere: Thank You

In honor of Pastor Appreciation Month, we at Mutual Aid Agency wanted to take a moment to thank the pastors, reverends, ministers, priests, and other faith leaders who have made such a difference in our lives.

Dear Pastors,

In times of both sorrow and joy, your presence has been a reassuring constant. Yours is a job of late nights and early mornings, of hearing troubles and shouldering…

Barn Raising in 2020

What Mutuality Means to MAA Today
When Mutual Aid Agency was founded in 1885, there was a tangible, physical, in-person need for mutual support. In times of loss, neighbors banded together to literally raise barns, repair roofs, protect crops, and share a mutual responsibility for one another.

One hundred years ago, it was easy to define mutuality: it meant being better…

Mutual Aid Agency Welcomes New Church Services Agent, Ron Wedel

 ABILENE, KANSAS, September 2020—Mutual Aid Agency is pleased to welcome Ron Wedel, Church Services Agent, to our team. 

Ron will work with MAA’s commercial church-related accounts by providing quotes, assisting with questions and claims, and generally serving clients as needs arise. Interacting with clients is Ron’s favorite part of his work, and he feels “very fortunate to be around such…